How do WE do it?

Success Ladder Academy utilizes a comprehensive, innovative approach to learning that includes assessing a student’s Math, Literacy and subject area needs as well as their behavioral and learning styles. We then analyze this information to create customized academic success plan. Inherent in the plan are the organizational and character development milestones. This is facilitated through a three step process including:




Each student has an Academic Success Coach assigned who will assess content, develop and deliver an instructional program to meet the student’s needs, and track/communicate progress to parents and to school teachers. Parents provide authorization for Academic Success Coaches to reach out to their child’s teachers throughout the academic year.

During parent-teacher conferences, Success Ladder Academy provides parents with ‘kits’ to aid them in the discussion of their child’s progress year to date. The ‘kit’ identifies, strengths, weak areas and suggested Student Learning Objectives.

The overall goal is to develop competent and confident learners using this comprehensive program approach.