Progress Tracking

Success Ladder Academy has invested in state of the art technology to provide online assessments on an ongoing basis to our young leaders enrolled in our Academic Success Coaching program.  Our students’ progress is measured against common core standards so that we speak the same language as the educators in the schools our young leaders attend.

Our assessments are computer adaptive, using sophisticated item calibration and psychometrics to dynamically adjust to each student’s unique responses. Fully supported by extensive research, they are easy to administer and yield the valid, reliable, actionable data needed to impact learning.

The online assessment tools used by Success Ladder Academy are highly rated for screening and progress monitoring by the NCRTI, and for progress monitoring by the NCII.

During parent-teacher conferences, Success Ladder Academy provides parents with ‘kits’ to aid them in the discussion of their child’s progress year to date.  The ‘kit’ identifies, strengths, weak areas and suggested Student Learning Objectives. This includes the results of any assessments conducted and a breakdown of progress to date.