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Listen to their reading, read with them, read to them!

Parents are always asking our Coaches “how can I help my child to read better?” Well, the answer is simple – read to and with them. There is no shortcut or easy answer for this type of challenge. The best thing a parent can do is set aside reading time every single night to listen […]

Snow Days should not be days off!

Snow days are often do-nothing-days. Why? It’s a weekday off of school but this doesn’t mean that your child can’t study at home. Snow days mean it isn’t safe or advised to go outside and travel to school, but it doesn’t mean it is dangerous to read, write or practice math. But they kids want […]

How to make your child’s academic resolutions achievable

One of the big things we focus on at Success Ladder Academy are goals. Understanding not only why goals are important in life, but how to achieve them, will help students throughout their lifelong learning efforts.There are three main ways to help your child reach any type of goal, especially academic resolutions.   First, write […]

Cold weather activities to keep the brain going

It’s cold and raining and snowing and the kids are home, sitting on the couch, not sure what to do. There is only so much social media one can take. And so, boredom sets in and then snacking sets in and then lounging. This doesn’t have to be your child. There are ways to engage […]