Cold weather activities to keep the brain going

It’s cold and raining and snowing and the kids are home, sitting on the couch, not sure what to do. There is only so much social media one can take. And so, boredom sets in and then snacking sets in and then lounging. This doesn’t have to be your child. There are ways to engage children on bad weather or cold weather days that will stimulate them, keep them out of the fridge, and improve their brain function.


We love the idea of a treasure hunt that is based in educational quiz questions. By setting ten minutes aside for yourself to launch this game, you are keeping your children busy while learning. Regardless if you use math or history questions, placing questions to get clues around your home will kick-off the fun. The prize should be a trip to RedBox or something simple that will continue to keep your children busy after the treasure hunt!

Another great idea is baking. Since baking is like a science with required measuring and math, you’re teaching your child two skills at once and there is sweet treat at the end of the activity. We like the idea of boxing up the baked goodies to bring to senior center or assisted living homes, too. There is another valuable lesson about service and volunteering here.

Invent a game. Have your children invent a no social media, no digital media, no batteries game. If you only have one child, this can be rewarding and you can invite his or her friends over to play the game when it is done. Or, if you have more than one child, you can judge a competition for the “best” game with prizes. Make sure you create multiple win categories so no child is left out from a win. Each effort should be rewarded so you can reuse this technique on another day. Plus, the games become keepsake memories that make perfect “regifts” for grandchildren later on in life.

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