Assembly Programs


Stop-N-Go; Conflict Resolution:

During our Stop-N-Go assembly, we discuss the differences between “bullying” and “conflict”. Attendees are presented with ideas on how to handle conflict amongst peers and provided with quick tips. The “What Would You Do?” Scenario Activity using the Red Light Green Light Activity Boards that are distributed at the start of the program, provide a memorable means of applying the concepts learned. Imagine an auditorium full of red and green lights… immediate indication that learning has occured!


CABEAR knows motivation but he also knows how it feels to be “bullied”. Attendees learn about bullying at home and at school and the importance of empathy; why bullies do what they do; Interveners, Bystanders, Upstanders & More! CABEAR and the Bullies is presented in an animated format which leads to interactive discussion and a surprise visit from SuperStar himself!

Drug Awareness: STAY IN CONTROL with CABEAR!

Led by CABEAR & His Buddy Lisa, this assembly is interactive and fun! Youth learn about the bad affects of drugs and healthy alternatives through a short skit between CABEAR, Lisa & Friends. The workshop focuses on alternatives to drugs, so they can… COMPLETE! ACHIEVE! BELIEVE! ENHANCE! ATTRACT! RECEIVE! Lisa and CABEAR encourage the group to CHANT with them. Volunteers are chosen from the audience to tell CABEAR / LISA what they should do during re-enacted scenarios.

Additional Options Include:

  • Healthy & Responsible Choices: CABEAR Fit!
  • CABEAR Cares: Service to YOUR Community
  • Intergenerational Bridges: Interactive program encouraging communication and activities between young and old.

Middle and High School

Anti-Bullying: Tough Talk! (Game Show Format)

Our Success Coaches provide contestant tickets to students as they enter the room (contestants may be chosen using different methods). The Success Coaches welcome the attendees and explain that the game-show will be based on our discussions. Students listen attentively to the 20-25 minute anti-bullying talk (some even take notes!). They learn about the roles including the bully, target, upstander and bystander and the importance of empathy. The game-show follows with Q&A, physical challenges, and video clip identification all related to the topic at hand. Music and pop culture questions are also thrown in for FUN! The audience is involved as they have a standard response anytime they hear the word “UPSTANDER”. If the contestants can’t answer the questions, they can “ask the audience”. At the end of the session, students learn about bullying and practice appropriate interaction and dialogue in a light, non-reprimanding environment that is most conducive to learning.

Drug Awareness: Decide TODAY! (Game Show Format)

This program provides numerous alternatives and ideas for youth to stay focused on things that will help them stay away from drugs. Students learn about negative consequences of drug use and how to seek “natural highs” by living LIFE to the fullest. The game-show follows with Q&A, physical challenges, and video clip identification all related to the topic at hand. Music and pop culture questions are also thrown in for FUN! This family feud format encourages youth to come up with ideas and brainstorm as there is NO ONE CORRECT answer!

Additional Options Include:

  • Healthy & Responsible Choices: CABEAR Fit!
  • Time Management for (Pre)/Teens
  • Success Is No Accident: Tapping into Your Personal Power
  • NO EXCUSES: The Art of Getting Things Done
  • Tackling “BIG” Tasks

Parent Engagement

Setting New Year’s Resolutions WITH your Kids!

Everything is more fun when you have a partner – shopping, games, watching TV AND GOALS! So, partner up and get ready to set New Year’s goals with your children! Out with the old and in with the new. We are all decked out with party favors and confetti as we have an old-fashioned goal setting party with a twist.

Short Term Wins for Long Term Goals

How to motivate your child (tweens and teens) without focusing on money! Incentives that keep your child on track.

Additional Options Include:

  • Parents as Partners
  • Assertive vs. Aggresive
  • Social Networking Advantage
  • Time Management
  • Fathers & Student Success
  • CAREERS: Discover Your Passion…It’s Contagious!
  • CAREERS: Interviewing Techniques
  • CAREERS: The Modern Job Search

In School Programs (Year Long)

All Topics are available in a multi-session program format providing up to 10 months of instruction on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. Contact us directly for custom pricing.

Do you have a targeted group of students you’d like to introduce to our program(s)?


Call for pricing. Discounts are available for multiple sessions.
Every session includes one Anti-Bullying and/or Character Education kit for classroom use-see our publication section.
Additional kits are available for additional cost.