Pressure to be Perfect

Do you expect your student to be perfect? If so, take a look in the mirror. We all have flaws. As people, as professionals, and as parents. We are flawed and yet we put a crazy amount of pressure on our kids once they enter school and become students.  The parents who come through my “tutoring” (Academic Success Coaching) program are really there to encourage their children or help them work on their flaws. They know perfection will never be achieved (it can’t be) but that improvements and measurable growth are possible. Children have different learning styles and we have to respect and adapt to this- it shouldn’t be the other way around. More so, creative thinking helps students understand what they read and helps improve their journey throughout life and school- yet we are primarily focused on math and perfectionism. Why? My school is here to help students, not perfect them. We look at all the subjects, not just math, and continue to develop a way for students to exceed their own expectations as well as master subjects that may be challenging to them.