Academic Success Coaching

‎”People Often Say That Motivation Doesn’t Last. Well, Neither Does Bathing. That’s Why We Recommend it Daily.” -Zig Ziglar

Students who enroll will be assigned an ‘Academic Success Coach’ who is State Certified Teacher and Certified Success Ladder AcademySuccess Coach.  Students are referred to as Leaders and are assigned to a cohort based on their grade.  Cohorts are very small leadership groups lead by an Academic Success Coach and an Academic Success Coordinator. Leaders are coached in both small group and individual settings. Group meetings are twice per week for 90 minutes each session.  Our core program is our Academic Success Coaching program that runs from September through June of each year.  Although we encourage enrollment at the start of the academic year for maximum effectiveness, we do allow for mid-year enrollments as space allows.

The Success Ladderprogram is proactive instead of reactive  as it relates to the personal and academic success of our youth.  “It’s not about sending a child to a tutor so they can pass a test.  That’s a poor message to send.  It’s about providing our youth with the tools to deal with any challenge they face…elementary and secondary school are just the beginning,” says Jackie Taylor.



Success Coaches are full time teachers who manage their student case load and maintain their personalized progress plans. Parents and Success Coaches share a joint email account provided by Success Ladder ™.  This email address is provided to the student’s teachers at the start of the academic year to offer a central point of communication. This allows the Success Coach to monitor progress, assignments and any areas of weakness that should be addressed.  Success Coaches communicate frequently with parents and their student’s teachers to ensure that all stakeholders in the student’s progress are participating in their success.

Youth who participate in the Success Ladderprogram learn the CABEARpledge and are required to set academic and personal goals that are documented and measured throughout the year.  The CABEAR pledge is recited daily before students begin their studies, as it is the foundation of the program’s success.

On the days that our Academic Success Coaches are not leading cohorts, they are in the Success Ladder Academy offices reviewing academic progress, meeting with Leaders 1:1, contacting teachers and communicating with parents.

Sessions also include Character Education sessions on topics such as goal setting, taking quality notes in class, organizational skills, study techniques (index/flash cards) and the ongoing topic of  ‘Failing Forward: How to Turn Barriers into Building Blocks’.

Leaders practice “chunking” as they learn to break down long term projects into short-term assignments.   These skills are reinforces using their actual home school assignments during the academic year so the Success Coaching is complementary and not burdensome.

Progress is very closely monitored, as all Academic Success Coaches are responsible for monitoring student progress on a daily basis and reviewing their Academic Success Plans weekly.


academic-success-coachingWhy Do Our Student Leaders Love OUR Success Coaching Model at Success Ladder Academy?

Everyone wants to get better.  Progress is motivating! So, when our students make progress, they want to keep doing it.  Success!

It also doesn’t hurt that we are the ONLY Academic Success Coaching program with a built-in gamification component. We have a LIVE GAME SHOW SET in our location! Our game shows are customized with academic content related to the learning objectives of our student leaders.

Our enrolled students are EAGER to meet their learning milestones because they want to compete and win on our game show! Parents are invited to attend the ‘live game show’ every marking period to cheer their student leaders on!