Early Learners

Early Learners

Success Ladder Academy™ offers early literacy and math computation programs for children ages 4-6yrs old. The Early Learners’ program is a fun and effective enrichment program for our youngest leaders. Sessions are twelve (12) weeks in duration. During each session, students are provided with early reading skills, fundamentals in math, computer introduction and character education, representing each of the four focus areas/themes. The format is fun and engaging. The approach does not mimic a classroom environment. It is more fluid and kinesthetic. The students learn by doing and engaging.

The Early Learners’ program meets on Saturday mornings from 9am to 11am. The program begins with the children reciting the CABEAR PLEDGE. They then attend to focus areas for 35 minutes each before transitioning to the next area.

9:05a – 9:40a THEME 1
9:45a – 10:20a THEME 2
10:25a – 11:00a THEME 3


Our Early Learners take their role in the Saturday routine seriously. They enjoy the sense of accomplishment in knowing where they need to be and when they need to be there. This program builds an inner thirst for learning and achievement. The heightened sense of accomplishment in our youngest leaders sets up a great foundation going forward. They quickly memorize their pledge and over time…they internalize it and apply it to everyday situations.

You can expect students to learn new sight words, increase vocabulary and oratory ability as well as strengthen counting and computation skills. Our early learners acquire this knowledge through songs, games, technology and crafts.

Enroll NOW to register your child for the next Early Learners’ Session beginning February 2015 and run in 12 week sessions. Space is limited!