2015 Media & Writing Summer Camp

Gear up for SUMMER FUN! Improve your writing skills while learning to write, produce and edit your own broadcast. Campers will create a writing portfolio as well as produce their own ‘end of camp’ video. They will learn how to prepare and conduct on camera interviews. Finally, campers will learn digital editing skills they can apply to their project work in school. Every camper will have an opportunity to be “talent” and work both in front of the camera and behind the scenes as part of this experience (based on their comfort level). This camp is educational and FUN! Each week, we go off-site on a trip and incorporate elements of our off site activities into our production work.

Success Ladder Academy™ will be offering three consecutive themed sessions of the Multimedia and Writing Camp for ages 8-14. Each session builds on the next. Although it is not required to attend all three sessions, space is limited, so those students who register for multiple sessions will receive priority enrollment. Camp runs from 9am to 4pm daily. Weekly trips include bowling, amusement parks, museums and swimming. Please check back in late February 2015 for additional details and a formalized camp itinerary. Should you have any questions prior, please email summercamp@successladder.net

Session 1 (3 weeks)

June 29- July 17, 2015

THEME: ‘Laying the Groundwork’. During this session, the various writing styles are introduced. Campers will also be introduced to ‘newswriting’. Campers will create a portfolio of original work that may be used later as video production content. Guided by teachers who are also professional writers, campers will develop a portfolio of poems and stories, and learn how to give and receive constructive feedback. Whether or not your camper enjoys writing, they will LOVE IT by the time this session is over!
There will be one ‘trip’ per week.

Session 2 (3 weeks)

June 20-August 7, 2015

THEME: “Rolling up our Sleeves” During this session, campers are exposed to digital video shooting and editing. They will learn lighting techniques, green screen use and more using our professional studio on site! There will be one ‘trip’ per week including our visit to a LIVE TELEVISION STUDIO in NYC!

Session 3 (3 weeks)

August 10 –August 28, 2015

THEME: “Putting it All Together” During this session, campers will produce their own digital video. Campers will do this using HD video cameras, directing the scenes, editing music for the video and editing the video in Final Cut Pro, on Apple computer workstations. Parents are invited to an end of camp premiere where the camper produced videos are presented.