Snow Days should not be days off!

Snow days are often do-nothing-days. Why? It’s a weekday off of school but this doesn’t mean that your child can’t study at home. Snow days mean it isn’t safe or advised to go outside and travel to school, but it doesn’t mean it is dangerous to read, write or practice math. But they kids want to have fun…


Learning doesn’t have to be boring. We here at Success Ladder Academy work to engage children. If they’re bored, they’re not focused. So, if there is an opportunity to teach-at-home during a snow day, we suggest you embrace it as a parent.

Here are five ways to help snow days steer clear from off days:

Hide spelling words around the house and have a treasure hunt. Once the child finds the word, they have to bring it to the parent and then spell the word with his or her eyes closed. The winner is the child with the most found and correctly spelled words.
Watch a movie and then have the child write a two-page synopsis of it. This helps the child stay engage with the movie, as well as promotes writing and spelling skills.
Cook lunch! Having a child help read a recipe promotes following directions. Measuring food for the recipe works on math skills. Cooking the recipe helps them learn independence and chef skills!
Pick a famous historical place and then build it as a box or pillow fort. This will help your child research and learn about historical events. As a bonus, have the child reenact a scene from history.
Clean with baking soda and vinegar. This has to be done in a well-ventilated area and with supervision. You can Google more on this exercise or call us at the Academy for information on this science lesson!