Our Mathematics Program runs from grades 3-12. Who says Math can’t be fun? At Success Ladder, we add an entertaining aspect to the Math Program with our gamification method. Gamification is a learning technique that leverages fun and engaging game-like activities to teach concepts.

We don’t just teach formulas and review problem after problem. We work with your child to adjust the way they approach math problems. We help them to “think” through their approach….like a mathematician! math_course_calculations-24ba5f39

Academic Success Coaches evaluate students with state of the art, proven academic tool called “Renaissance”. Our Renaissance Assessments are conducted every 10 sessions in concert with the Coaches personal evaluation in order to monitor how your child is progressing.

Our home support program is called Accelerated Math. Kid Math_Feat

Accelerated Math:

completely focuses on the areas where students need to make progress, called “practice” sessions.
Has tools are made available to the students for review.
Assesses the students after several practice sessions
helps drive mathematical instruction

Parents are notified of their child’s progress and activities after each session. Academic Success Coaches remain in contact with students’ teachers to work together on content that needs to be covered or reviewed. The curriculum of the school where the student attends is meant to come first as that is their primary focus; Academic Success Coaches will provide enrichment on math items to keep information fresh and practiced.