Organizational Skills

Success Ladder™ goes beyond academics, teaching students about executive functioning skills. Executive functioning is a set of mental skills that help you get things done. These skills are controlled by an area of the brain called the frontal lobe.


Executive functioning helps you:

Manage time
Pay attention
Switch focus
Plan and organize
Remember details
Avoid saying or doing the wrong thing
Do things based on your experience

How do I approach a long term project? When do I start on my research paper or begin my book report?

How do I remember to bring all materials/books I need home from school each day?

How do I motivate myself to get started with my homework?

Coaching in this area is addressed at the beginning of a student’s sessions at Success Ladder; Homework for the week must be written down on a board in the room, normally labeled “Week at a Glance.” This information will include any quizzes, tests, and/or projects, in addition to simpler assignments. It will be up there for student review, to serve as a memory jogger. Once any item is completed on the list, it is crossed off. Every week, homework assignments and assignments will be documented by and checked off by the student. This is the beginning of creating habits that will eventually translate at home.


Academic Success Coaches™ also contact teachers to obtain their student’s syllabus for the year. This provides coaches with up to date information regarding assignments, so there is no question of deadlines. Ultimately, the students are responsible for taking responsibility for their own assignment tracking and completion. We take great care to ensure our students don’t become dependent on their coaches for success. Planning ahead will take a proper course and activate working memory. Not only that, but scheduling both an internal and external calendar will begin to take shape for lifelong learning.