Reading Comprehension

Our Reading Comprehension Program runs from grades 3-12. Unlike other programs that only assess your child at the start of the relationship, our Academic Success Coaches evaluate students with an Assessment every 10 sessions to monitor progress and adjust instruction.
We leverage a state of the art technology to access the best curriculum and instructional materials in the country. This, coupled with our talented and enthusiastic coaches, offers the best resources for your child. Our work at home program is called ‘Accelerated Reader’.reading-img

Accelerated Reader:
• allows students to learn techniques that will help them in their reading, such as highlighting main ideas and details, or finding causes and effects.
• is set to the students’ Lexile/reading level.
• Contains a variety of articles for students’ interests so that they will be severely interested in what they are reading and documenting.

In IMG_4595 (1)addition to the work at home tool, students also build their vocabulary using Wordly Wise workbooks. These workbooks:
• allow students to learn, review, and apply vocabulary knowledge in a variety of activities.
• Will help student transfer their vocabulary knowledge onto standardized test preparation.
• Will teach students how to use words in real life situations.

Parents are notified of their child’s progress and activities after each session. Academic Success Coaches remain in contact with students’ teachers to work together on content that needs to be covered or reviewed. The curriculum of the school where the student attends is meant to come first as that is their primary focus; Academic Success Coaches will provide enrichment on Reading Comprehension to keep information fresh and practiced.

Putting it all together, we can also add a fun piece to Reading Comprehension with our Gamification method, in which students get competitive and showcase what they learned in an exciting and enjoyable way!