Science/ Social Studies

Most tutoring programs focus solely on math and reading without consideration of the other key components of your child’s study. At Success Ladder, one of our key differentiators is our Social Studies and Science support services. If a child is struggling with a Social Studies project or needs to review for a Science test, Academic Success Coaches answer the call to assist them.

Our coaches will review content with our students and provide a wide array of techniques to assist students in not only “memorizing” but “understanding” historical events and scientific concepts. This way, they understand how what they are learning applies to their world. We are nurturing a generation of “thinkers” not fact recorders.

Success Ladder™ also allows our students to use computers for research, printing, and whatever else they need to complete assignments. They are also welcome to any stationary materials that would aide them in their work. Academic Success Coaches™ will help in any way they can within reason, but ultimately it is up to the child to own the completion of their assignments.