Literacy is equal parts reading and writing. The written word is a powerful tool as it can be used to express imagination, thought, and pustudents-computers-012rpose. Students should begin writing at an early age, grasping simple concepts. These simple concepts extend further into writing pieces, essays, and parts of projects. Without writing practice, students will not be able to put their creative thoughts into words they can share with others.
The Writing Program at Success Ladder Academy™ runs from grades 3-12 and is introduced in the Reading Comprehension.

Cognitive reading sgirl-writerkills have groundwork in writing, as students must utilize information and put it into their own thoughts. The process begins normally with a graphic organizer, which labels items from the reading in an easy-to-understand format. The information can stay as such, or take on a longer short answer form.

The graphic organizer can also be a jumping off point for an essay. Students brainstorm ideas first, then create a rough draft. Academic Success Coaches will help the student edit the document for final draft. Once that is completed, students are more than welcome to use a Success Ladder Academy desktop computer to publish their piece. Typing an article allows the writer to practice technological usage, which is important, since computers are becoming more relevant in schools and businesses each day.

The other piece of the writing program used in cohort sessions is our vocabulary enhancement program. This instruction teaches students how to use vocabulary in context and apply such techniques to their drafting of writing pieces so that they 100% understand the words they are learning.
All these pieces are essential to crafting a confident and creative writer. Student acquire 90-100 new vocabulary words per quarter!